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Milestones v0.3.0. Try typing in some tasks description, and hit Schedule it ! when you're ready...Here are some sample tasks (for now try to stick to those models...
and to use integers as IDs :).
Generally speaking, use simple english sentences to describe your tasks. For the moment being, Contents of your tasks shall be under the form Verb Determiner Noun (i.e: eat some bread, do some work...)
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  • milestone 5 : goal reached  when tasks 2, 3 are complete. 
  • For task 1 with priority 3 Rafik will have to eat some bread in 2 minutes, after  tasks 3, 2, 15.
  • When task 1, 2, 3 are achieved Rafik can work 3 minutes with priority 4 on task 4 in order to Eat some bread.
  • task 1 : Rafik shall eat bread in 2 minutes, with priority 4, after  task 3,2 and 15.
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